The Only Pre-roll Tube with a "GRAVEYARD"

Green Street Monster is proud to present the Double Dragon: the only tube that safely stores multiple pre-rolls and has a "graveyard" on the side for half smoked ones.


It’s the ultimate tube to keep pre-rolls fresh as the moment you rolled them.


Double Dragon Tubes are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Carry up to 3x more than other tubes on the market.

Eliminates Odors

No one will smell the pre-rolls or half smoked ones in your pocket or purse. 




Double Dragons keep liquids out, greens in and yes, they float.

Confidently take them out in the rain, boating, skiing, to a pool party or a fun day at the beach.

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Pre-roll Tubes

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Pre-roll Tube FAQ

How big are these airtight joint containers and blunt tubes?

The Regular size tube is 1.25" W x 4" H and they are ideal for 1.25, 1.5, single wide, double wide, cones and 70mm rolling papers.

The King sized blunt tube is 1.25" W x 5" H  and is best for king slims, cones, blunts and 110mm wraps.

Why the double-sided airtight container?

We at Green Street Monster are just like you, we don't always smoke it all in a single sesh. That's where the Double Dragon  Pre-roll Tubes comes into play with its dedicated "graveyard" for roaches.

The dual-chamber provides a dedicated side to keep your pre-rolls as fresh as the moment they were rolled up.

Are Double Dragon Pre-roll Tubes smell proof?

Yes, they are  airtight, no one will smell a thing (unless you light one up).

What if the pre-roll tube gets wet?

Don’t sweat it! Neither rain, sleet, nor snow are a match for the Double Dragon.  Accidentally dropped it in the pool?  No need to worry, the airtight container is waterproof and it floats. Your precious goods will remain nice and dry regardless of the conditions.